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ICOM-101 | MTEC-617 Media and Web Development

Location: Main Building B214A (Machine Lab)
Office Hours - TBD and by appointment

Max Fishman

he / him / his

Full-Stack Software Engineer - Karmetik LLC

This course provides an introduction to the process of modern web development.
Each student will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, and how to combine them into a functioning portfolio website.

Choose three websites to explore. These can be websites for businesses, organizations, or personal blogs.Spend at least 5 minutes on each website, taking note of the elements that you like and dislike. Consider the following questions as you explore:

- What is the overall design of the website? Is it visually appealing?
- Is the navigation intuitive? Can you find what you're looking for easily?
- Is the content organized in a logical way? Is it easy to read and understand?
- Are there any interactive elements, such as forms, videos, or games?
- Is the website responsive, meaning does it adjust to the size of the screen it is being
viewed on?

After exploring each website, write a short 3/4 sentence summary analyzing the elements you liked and
disliked, and explaining why. Be sure to include specific examples from the websites to support
your analysis.

Submit your work via email attachment with the subject line as follows: STUDENT NAME - Homework Week 1

Email: MFishman@Calarts.edu